Camping Essentials That You Must Bring

When packing your camping essentials, it’s effortless for you to forget few essential items such as a flashlight or first aid kit. When planning for hiking, your bag must have various essential elements you will use when camping. Packing your items earlier is vital, or you can write them down so that you won’t forget when packing. Look at the following essential items listed below so that you can know what to carry when going camping.

Maps and Compass

map and compassYou might have a GPS system on your car or your phone as well. Unluckily, you might not find the signal when camping in remote areas or even as you go to the forest when hiking. You should then carry your camping essentials like a compass and a map everywhere you go in case your GPS can’t help you at all. These will keep you from getting lost when hiking.

First Aid Kit

When camping, you might have accidents like cuts, burns, bumps, and scratches. Due to such situation, you should make sure to include a well-equipped first aid kit in your camping essentials. You shouldn’t go to the camping site without the first aid kit, and you should carry it in each and every place you go hiking because you never know when and where one can have an accident or injury.


A flashlight is very crucial when camping. If you are out there in the dark looking for a snack or walking to the bathroom, you will require a flashlight or a lantern to give you the light you need. So you should not forget your flashlight when going camping. Make sure the torch is light in weight for you to carry and put it in a place where you can quickly reach when you get in your site after the dark.

Alternate Weather Wear

a lady outside with snowYou might have seen that there is no rain and only sun for the past few weeks. But unfortunately, you should keep in mind that the weather keeps changing all the time, and you can’t predict it. And it will make things hard for you, making you stay around the camping fire all the time. You should then pack extra weather wear so that you can get set for the suddenly changing weather. You can change your wet clothes and wear dry ones when camping.

Pack of Matches

When camping, you will need to carry a box of matches. You will use these matches to  start a fire. You will have fewer food choices and your nights will be colder without fire. So remember to carry lots of matches when packing your camping essentials.